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Cidrani Wild Mother Kombucha Calm 15 ml

Cidrani's organic kombucha essence, abundant in live symbiotic culture and obtained through a multi-level fermentation process, is the world's first and only kombucha "to go" with wild mother, made without refined sugar and in a unique single-use packaging for practical use. The combination of nature's healing power and innovative recipe from Cidrani's experts has resulted in this organic elixir for digestion's health, enriched with raw honey.

With Cidrani Wild Mother Kombucha Calm, enjoy your daily dose of peace called by the highest quality aromatic herbs that have long been used to calm the mind and silence thoughts.

Unlike existing market solutions, Cidrani kombucha essence requires no cold chain shipping and has a shelf-life of 24 months. That means that Cidrani kombucha has a significantly smaller carbon footprint in comparison to regular beverages in bottles.



  • improves digestive health
  • it has traditionally been used to alkalize and detoxify the body
  • rich in antioxidants

Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast*, honey*, blend of fermented herbs and spices: mace*, cassia*, peppermint*, lemongrass*, clove*, fennel*, dill*, caraway seed*, star anise* (* from organic farming).

Create your daily kombucha ritual. You will love it, and your belly as well!

Hold it in your hand, perceive the colour, prepare your best glass, and decide about the temperature of the liquid that you will, like an alchemist, turn into a treasure for your digestion.

Open the unique single-use packaging by folding it in half and squeeze the essence. Add 200 ml of water, feel its full bouquet and drink this aromatic herbal drink.

If you want a more refreshing kombucha drink, add some more water.


Before choosing your kombucha taste, start your kombucha ritual by stopping for a moment and become fully present with yourself. What do you need at this very moment? After coming to the realization, choose kombucha that can help you today. The names of our kombuchas are not just there for the title and marketing. We carefully studied the spices we use in our kombuchas, and each of them is there for a reason. So relax, trust and enjoy your dosage of calm, timeless, presence, high spirit, microbiome and creativity.

Cidrani kombucha with wild mother is alive, so yes, you could grow your SCOBY, but we haven't crafted our kombucha with that purpose. We wanted to offer the best essence of kombucha, without refined sugar and in a practical single-use packaging that you can take with you wherever you go and have your digestion elixir whenever you need it.

Cidrani kombucha essence doesn't have in its base refined sugar, and unlike other kombuchas on the market, we don't add sugar after for a better taste or CO2 for a sparkling effect. We created a unique and healthy recipe enriched with just 3,6 g of raw honey, which means that it doesn't raise your sugar level in the body. If you miss the more sweet taste, you are welcome to add some more honey to your kombucha.

This fermented beverage based on SCOBY ("symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast"), whose origins go back to ancient China, has traditionally been used for centuries for digestive health, is a real multi-sensory alchemical experience.

The legend says that kombucha was used in the Chinese Empire, during the Quin dynasty, in the Qin Shi Quang emperor's time. His alchemist and scientist created the "longevity tea" in search of the elixir of immortality. Throughout history, kombucha was connected to royal families, elite warriors and leaders searching for gut health, long life and energy boost. It is said that even Japanese samurais and Genghis Khan's soldiers were carrying with them leather bottles with fermented tea for enthusiasm and endurance.

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