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Cidrani Synbio 250 ml

Did you know that, in addition to probiotics, prebiotics are essential for the health of your digestion - fibres that feed good bacteria and help them multiply and activate in the digestive system?

Inspired by the benefits of prebiotic fibre, experts from Cidrani have designed a new food tech solution ritual – Cidrani Synbio, a gentle fermented plant-based elixir that contains everything you need for a complete approach to the health of your digestion.

With its mild aroma but strong action, Cidrani Synbio will prepare your digestion to enjoy the meal and absorb nutrients. After a meal, use it as a perfect digestive that can calm the stomach and shorten food passage through the digestive tract.

Dilute 15 ml of Cidrani Synbio in water and forget about the feeling of heaviness and fatigue after eating. Get used to the lightness and vigour and feel the subtle joy resulting from ingesting the perfect combination of probiotics and prebiotics for the health of your digestion.

In a world of empty calories and low-quality food, be assured of Cidrani Synbio, which is rich in prebiotics – fibre suitable for people with diabetes because they do not stimulate insulin secretion and lower cholesterol fats. Cidrani Synbio is adapted to a vegan, paleo and keto diet.


BENEFITS | Cidrani Synbio can help:

  • improve digestion by multiplying and activating good bacteria
  • calm the stomach
  • absorb better calcium and magnesium

Apple cider vinegar*, 40% agave inulin* (* from organic farming). Contains up to 5% acetic acid.

Dilute 15 ml of Cidrani Synbio in 200 ml of water and drink before a meal to prepare your microbiome for digestion. Dilute 15 ml of Cidrani Synbio in 200 ml of water and drink after a meal as a perfect digestive that can help calm the stomach and speed up the digestive process.

We can find about 100 trillion bacteria in our intestines, which is 100 times more than the number of cells in our body. As important as the intake of probiotics is, so is the intake of prebiotics – indigestible fibres that feed our microbiome's good bacteria. A mixture of probiotics and prebiotics is called synbiotics, and the term was first used by researchers Gibson and Roberfroid in 1995. Inspired by the importance of prebiotic fibre, Cidrani designed Synbio with which you no longer have to worry about the ratio of probiotics to the prebiotics you ingest. By ritually drinking Cidrani Synbio, you will immediately feel the lightness in your stomach. After your meal, you will be ready for your yoga practice or training much faster than usual.

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