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Niksen Cold Brew Coffee 12 x 1,2 g

Niksen Cold Brew Coffee, with the power of 1,5 espresso, is the first European instant coffee soluble in cold water. It has the caffeine to keep you going, with the flavour to keep you coming back for more. Even though it's a cold version of your favourite drink, with its rich, creamy taste that reminds of caramelized chocolate, it will warm up all your senses. Made with single-origin 100% Arabica coffee beans in the specific cold making process, it makes Niksen Cold Brew Coffee 70% less acidic and light for your belly. It's extremely user-friendly and easy to make – add your coffee to 100 ml of water. Forget about boiling the water or grinding. You can take this wonderfully rich and smooth bulk coffee with you to work for a walk with your dog or hiking with your family. Drinking perfectly balanced Niksen Cold Brew Coffee is a time-saving ritual that provides an authentic luxury experience for your senses without an acidic aftertaste. No more excuses to feel sleepy. 

Niksen Cold Brew Coffee comes in a box with 12 sticks of your new favourite coffee.


BENEFITS | Niksen Cold Brew Coffee can help:

  • "wake you up" with the power of 1,5 espresso
  • feeling better in your stomach because it is 70% less acidic than warm coffee
  • preparing your coffee anywhere and fast – soluble in 100ml of cold water

    100% arabica coffee, without artificial flavours, artificial colours, refined sugar or preservatives.

    There are many ways to enjoy Niksen Cold Brew Coffee. We suggest you enjoy experimenting and discovering exactly your recipe for the best coffee. Dilute it in 100 ml of cold water or maybe 100 ml of almond milk. Add Cidrani Coco-Ghee to it and make your coffee a real brain boost. If you add Niksen Nut-Hazel Snack to it, you will get an even finer taste enriched with organic hazelnut paste. You can also add Niksen Cold Brew Coffee to your smoothie or squeezed orange juice. Serve it with ice or homemade ice cream. The possibilities are endless. We are sure that a pinch of your creativity will be the "icing on the cake".

    Coffee is truly a beverage that connects us. In the beginning, it was a drink available only to the wealthy, but today it is a global phenomenon – available to everyone. Drinking coffee also means – socializing. It is not without reason that Sheikh Abd al-Qadir stated in 1587: "Coffee is a common human treasure and like gold gives every man a sense of luxury and elegance. Where coffee is served, there is grace, beauty, friendship and happiness. All worries disappear the moment you a cup of hot coffee touches his lips. "With the easy and fast preparation of Niksen Cold Brew Coffee, you can free up your mental and physical space – and you immediately have more time for your creativity, being present, good rest and quality time with your family.

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