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Kombucha Powerful with cold brew coffee 17 ml

Invincible feeling is born in the belly.

Organic fermented tea essence dilutable in 200-250 ml of water.

Feel the new level of energy that results from the synergy of postbiotics for digestive health and cold brew coffee strength of one espresso in a practical dose. Wake up and embrace your potential starting with a balanced gut microbiota. An additional "kick" is hidden in the base black tea, ginger and orange, which give a sparkling note for a great start to the day and wit.

Awakening citrus experience of black tea, ginger and orange
Enriched with cold brew coffee single-origin from Ethiopia strength 1 espresso
Sweetened with raw acacia honey, it contains 4x less sugar than similar drinks
Free of refined sugars, preservatives and artificial flavors / colors
Its format reduces carbon footprint by 90% compared to similar beverages

Fermented Herbal Beverage Essence / Eco Product
No refined sugar. Unpasteurized. With Cold Brew coffee.

symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast *, honey *, Assam black tea *, ginger *, cinnamon stick *, orange peel *, orange powder *, ginger powder *, cinnamon powder *, soluble cold brew coffee extract (* from organic production).

Store in a dry and dark place at room temperature.
Places on the market: Cidrani j.d.o.o. , Ivana Meštrovića 35, 10360 Sesvete, Croatia.
Country of origin: EU.

1. Fold
2. Dilute
3. Enjoy

symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast *, honey *, apple *, blackberry leaf *, ginger *, cinnamon stick *, Rooibos tea *, chamomile *, black pepper *, orange peel *, clove *, cardamom *, marshmallow * (* from organic production).


Before choosing your kombucha taste, start your kombucha ritual by stopping for a moment and become fully present with yourself. What do you need at this very moment? After coming to the realization, choose kombucha that can help you today. The names of our kombuchas are not just there for the title and marketing. We carefully studied the spices we use in our kombuchas, and each of them is there for a reason. So relax, trust and enjoy your dosage of calm, timeless, presence, high spirit, microbiome and creativity.
Cidrani kombucha essence doesn't have refined sugar in its base, and unlike other kombuchas on the market, we don't add sugar after for a better taste or sparkling effect. We created a unique and healthy recipe enriched with just 3,6 g of raw honey, which means that it doesn't raise your sugar level in the body. If you miss the more sweet taste you are welcome to add some honey to your kombucha.
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