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Niksen Nut-Hazel Snack 12 x 19 g

Niksen Nut-Hazel Snack is an organic low-carb creamy, delicious snack made from the finest Italian nuts. Its delicate formula is based on healthy fats that are known for offering a real boost of energy during the day. Its specific design makes it a perfect substitution for a meal when you are in a hurry or before your workout because it contains 150 calories and less than 2 grams of carbohydrates per pack.

This mellow and flavorful, not too sweet snack doesn't contain refined sugar, but it has all the lush and goodness you would expect from your heavenly dessert.

Niksen Nut-Hazel Snack's scrumptious structure is enriched with virgin coconut oil and ghee, which are the perfect energy source for your body and mind.

With Niksen Nut-Hazel Snack, you can explore your creativity by adding it to your morning coffee or spreading it on your favourite healthy cookie. It's a perfect snack to conquer your cravings and a simple way to magic up your day.

Niksen Nut-Hazel Snack comes in a box with 12 pieces.


BENEFITS | Niksen Nut-Hazel Snack can help:

  • fight hunger when you don't have time – organic and user-friendly snack
  • stop sugar cravings
  • boost your energy without refined sugar

    Extra virgin coconut oil*, hazelnut paste* (28%), ghee – clarified butter*, raw honey*, Himalayan salt*, guar gum*, xanthan gum (*from organic farming). May contain traces of other nuts, milk and milk-based products (including lactose).

    Make your morning coffee exceptionally delicious by adding 1 pack of Niksen Nut-Hazel Snack. Add it to your morning pancakes or homemade cookies. Or eat it on the move.

    We wanted to make a healthy, sugar-free and super tasty snack to eat in a hurry. Cidrani team chose hazelnuts since they are delicious and packed with nutrients, including vitamins, mineral, antioxidant compounds and healthy fats. They may also have health benefits, including helping decrease blood fat levels, regulating blood pressure, reducing inflammation and improving blood sugar levels, among others. Hazelnuts are a good source of dietary fibre, and eating plenty of fibre encourages regular bowel movements and helps prevent constipation. According to recent research, eating nuts may help some people to gain less weight.

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